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Try Your Hand at Our Insurance Quiz

Test your knowledge in the following insurance-related situations...


  1. The domestic hot water tank in your basement ruptures, spilling water everywhere. The standard homeowner insurance policy (a) pays only for water damage to the house; (b) pays only for a new hot water tank; (c) pays for both water damage and new hot water tank; or (d) pays nothing.

  2. You drive over some nasty “junk” while cruising down the highway. Your vehicle has $3,000.00 in damage, so you file a claim with your auto carrier. You collect for the damages, less your deductible. Will you get a surcharge for crashing into the unavoidable junk in the road ?

  3. A person buys a life insurance policy in their own name and then, sadly, takes their own life 3 years later. Is the life insurance company likely to pay the death benefit to the beneficiary given the fact that the insured took their own life ?

  4. Your neighbor’s tree blows over in a windstorm and crushes your shed. Can you collect from your neighbor’s homeowner insurance company for the damage to your shed ?

  5. Your child gets licensed on a Friday and then has an accident driving your car the next day. Unfortunately, you forgot to call your auto insurance agent or company to add your youngster as a driver to your policy on Friday. Will your claim be paid?

  6. If you are injured in an auto accident, will your auto policy benefits include coverage for lost wages for time lost from work?

  7. If you need a renter’s homeowner insurance policy for apartment, is it true the policy might cost as little as $100 a year?

  8. You moved out of your former house recently, leaving it vacant because you bought a new house. Your former house is up for sale. Your former house has been vacant over a month, but you paid the insurance premium for it in full through next summer. Will coverage apply if a claim occurs at your now vacant house ?

  9. True or False: The cost to insure your car goes down every year because the car gets older every year.

  10. True or False: It costs more to insure your house, car or business through a local, independent insurance agent such as Ostrander Insurance ?


  1. A

  2. Yes, but you can appeal the surcharge

  3. Yes, the suicide waiting period is typically 2 years,

  4. No

  5. Yes, you are allowed a month or so to report newly licensed drivers

  6. True—but there is a cap on benefits paid

  7. True

  8. No, coverage is void 30 days after vacancy

  9. False—costs still tend to rise due to inflationary medical and repair shop costs

  10. False—insurance premiums vary by carrier. That’s why Ostrander Insurance represents several different carriers. Call for a quote today and find out for yourself.

So, how'd you do?

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