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Homeowners Insurance in Bellingham, MA

Renters insurance

Renters insurance can protect you in the event you somehow damage the building you're renting.  A policy of this type includes coverage for your personal property, as well as additional living expenses and liability coverage.

Condo unit owner policy

A condo unit owner policy covers you if you're the owner of the condominium or townhouse where you live. You'll need to purchase this type of policy if you want coverage for your personal property, as well as coverage for loss of use and liability protection.

Endorsements and riders

You can select additional coverage based on your particular needs. For instance, you can opt to get replacement cost coverage for your house and your personal property inside. A rider can also be added to protect valuables such as jewelry or musical instruments.

Homeowner's Insurance can be more involved than you think.

Get knowledgeable help to find the homeowner's insurance options that work best for you.

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