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"Halloween 101" as Presented by Ostrander Insurance

Q1: Inspector Clouseau’s bicycle is parked outside on his driveway when the Pink Panther thief decides to steal it. There is no coverage because there is no coverage for theft when belongings are outside.

Q2: Michael Myers is driving to the local Halloween Ball at the high school. Since he is wearing his silly mask, he does not see the vehicle stopped in front of him, and collides with it. Since Michael Myers is wearing a mask or face covering, the insurance company will not pay the claim.

Q3: Freddy Krueger is across the street at his neighbor’s inflatable pool. While floating on a giant flamingo and having a Mai Tai, he accidently pops the inflatable pool, thus destroying it. Do not worry though; Freddy’s homeowner liability coverage will help repair his neighbor’s pool because of Freddy’s negligence.

Q4: Father Merrin sells cookies for the parish out of his house. When the Cookie Monster comes over to buy some cookies at Father Merrin’s house, he trips and falls. Since the Cookie Monster was at Father Merrin’s house for a business reason, Father Merrin’s homeowner policy could deny the claim.

Q5: Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are out camping in their RV. While they are cooking taffy in their RV, the RV catches on fire and burns to the ground. Since Walter & Jesse have comprehensive coverage on their auto policy, the

insurance company will pay the claim.

Q6: Dr. Lector has his good friend, Clarice Starling, over for dinner. While they are preparing dinner, Dr. Lector accidently pokes Clarice with his knife, giving her a small cut that will require stiches. Dr. Lector’s homeowner policy will cover Clarice’s medical expenses.

Q7: Arthur Fleck is enjoying a coffee on his deck when a tree falls and crushes his brand-new shed. Since Arthur did not tell his

insurance about the shed, his homeowner policy will not provide coverage for the damages.

Q8: Chucky is backing his new truck out of his garage when he accidently hits the side of the garage. Chucky’s truck is fine, but there is serious damage to the garage. Since Chucky’s auto policy has property damage coverage, it will pay to repair the damage to his garage.

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