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Take Ostrander Insurance's Trick or Treat Insurance Quiz

Although you may not know it, Ostrander Insurance specializes in insurance coverage for families involved in incidents related to the Halloween holiday. Our creepy clients include the Vampire family, Wendy Witch, Jack O’Lantern and the Frankenstein family! They have been deathly loyal throughout the years, but unfortunately our “Halloween” clients suffered through a few claims this October. Quiz yourself as to whether their insurance policies treated them to coverage or not.

1. Mr. Werewolf made his home available as a haunted house for neighborhood kids. After everyone had left, Mrs. Werewolf noticed that someone had stolen her $15,000 silver bullet pendant necklace. Would the Werewolfs’ homeowner policy pay to replace the item?

ANSWER: Under the un-endorsed homeowner policy there is typically a limit of only $1,500 for “stolen” jewelry that isn’t scheduled separately on the policy. Since the “stolen” pendant wasn’t scheduled, there will be no coverage at all or only limited coverage.

2. Mummy Jr. & Goblin Jr. were good friends out trick-or-treating, far from their parents’ properties. Mummy Jr. swung his heavy bag of candy around in a joking manner and hit Goblin Jr. by accident, breaking his nose. Goblin Jr.’s parents sued Mummy Jr.’s parents for $20,000 in medical expenses. Would the Mummys’ homeowner policy cover the claim even though the injury occurred away from the parents’ property?

ANSWER: The liability coverage under the homeowner policy follows the insured, including relatives who reside with the insured, anywhere in the world. So yes, coverage will apply.

3. Our VIP client, Herman Munster, was backing his family’s Koach car out of a neighbor’s driveway when he hit a stone mailbox. The damage to the mailbox was minor, but Munster’s Koach car had been heavy damaged. Herman does not have collision coverage on his Koach car, so he wants to know if the neighbor’s homeowner policy can provide coverage to repair his vehicle simply because the damaged occurred on their property.

ANSWER: Since Herman was at fault when driving into a stationary object while in control of his own vehicle, no coverage will be afforded from the neighbor’s homeowner policy.

4. Wendy Witch lives next to the cemetery. Zombie Bob asked Wendy Witch if she would resurrect some of his old friends for Halloween. Wendy Witch obliged, but in doing so caused the earth and ground all around Wendy’s house to shake and quake! Eventually Zombie Bob’s friends unearthed themselves and went on their way. However, Wendy Witch’s foundation and deck were damaged from all the earth movement. Wendy called to ask if this was a covered loss.

ANSWER: Although we appreciate Wendy Witch’s bringing the undead back to life from time to time, her claim will be denied because earth movement is not a covered peril unless her policy is endorsed for earthquake coverage.

This article was written by Paul Ostrander of Ostrander Insurance, located at 94 David Road (across from the post office), in Bellingham. For additional information, contact Ostrander at 508-966-1116 or, or visit

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