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Ostrander Insurance Shares Tips for a Quicker RMV Visit

The RMV can conjure up images of long lines of stress or happiness for a newly licensed driver. Whether young or old, the RMV is a part of our life, and so are the emotions it brings out of us. Listed below are a few tips for improving your RMV visit as well as descriptions of how the RMV is better serving customers.

First and foremost, when is the best time to go to the RMV given the fact that they are open 9-5 Monday-Friday? In our opinion, the best time is late afternoon. Many customers go to the RMV at 8:30 am and stand in line for at least half an hour before the doors even open. Late afternoon, 4:30-4:55 pm, is usually much quieter. The RMV serves all customers who walk through their doors before 5 pm. They may close and lock doors behind you to prevent others from entering, but they will process your transaction. A helpful way to check current wait times at the Registry is to visit their online website, which lists wait times for both license & registration transactions at all RMV locations.

The RMV has a greeter at the front door to help direct customers to proper lines while reviewing paperwork to ensure all necessary forms are included and complete. As to payment methods, the RMV now accepts debit/credit cards, cash, and personal checks for all transactions.

Do you need to print something out before going to the RMV? Most RMV sites have a work station with a computer and printer to print documents. Some RMV documents require an insurance stamp verifying that you have active insurance. The RMV allows “electronic stamps” from insurance companies and agencies now, so it is not always necessary for clients to stop by our office before heading to the RMV. In some cases we can print, scan and then email documents to you which you can print out at your home, your workplace or the RMV office. This can be a real time saver.

Ostrander Insurance goes to the RMV for our customers once a week. As an agency, we are not required to wait in line. However, our paperwork is not completed immediately because we drop it off and then pick it up 24–48 hours later. This is a great option for getting new license plates or plate transfers. Dropping items at the Milford RMV also gives Dick Ostrander a chance to stop by Mazzarelli’s Bakery now and again to pick up a fresh loaf of bread.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you head to the RMV, or make it easy on yourself and let us go for you. But if you ask us to pick up a loaf of bread, it’s going to cost you extra!

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