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Five Gifts That Ostrander Insurance Gives That Direct Writers Do NOT

Following are five services that Ostrander Insurance of Bellingham, MA, provides to their customers that direct insurance writers do not:

1. Help with 3rd-Party Claims: As your agent, we assist you in filing claims against other carriers when your policy does not cover the claim. The most common example of this is when your policy does not have substitute transportation (rental car) and you are hit by another vehicle. Your own insurance carrier may pay for your damage, but they don’t pay for a rental car since you don’t have the coverage on your policy. With a direct writer (Geico, Amica, Progressive, etc.) you would need to call the other carrier and file a claim yourself. At Ostrander Insurance, we help you file your rental-car bill with the other carrier to help you get paid.

2. RMV Services: Ostrander Insurance “runs” to the RMV for registration renewals, new plates and registration transfers on your behalf for free! Usually the turn-around time is 24-48 hours, saving you a trip and a possible headache at the RMV. Ostrander Insurance goes to the RMV twice a week and we do not charge our customers. We have all RMV forms available and can even email RMV forms to our customers if they are already at the RMV or want to go themselves.

3. Multiple Carriers: Our agency offers several different companies under one roof. Unlike Geico, Allstate and Progressive, which offer only one company, Ostrander Insurance offers several. This means that we can find a carrier and a policy that better fits your needs and budget. Although consumers tend to believe that the best pricing always occurs when home and auto policies are bundled with the same company, we have a homeowner-only carrier whose rates are rarely beaten. Having lots of carriers with different strengths allows us to provide a better insurance portfolio to our clients.

4. Business Insurance: Ostrander Insurance, like many other Independent Agents, handles a majority of the business insurance in Massachusetts. This is due in part because online and direct-writing carriers do not offer or like to write comprehensive business policies. We have the knowledge and markets available for small business owners to be properly protected.

5. Person-to-Person: When you call Ostrander Insurance, you speak with a person, not a recording or a computer. There are no “800” numbers, computer recordings, or need to press option “0” for an operator. We usually need just your name to find your information rather than your policy number, which is often not available in our busy lives. We have a local office so you can come in in person to ask questions, drop off payments, file claims and start new policies. And if you prefer the web, Ostrander Insurance even provides online quoting through our website at, just like the direct writers!

Article written by Paul Ostrander of Ostrander Insurance ( Ostrander Insurance offers homeowners, automobile and life insurance. The office is conveniently located across the street from the Bellingham Post Office. For more information, contact Paul at 508-966-1116 or

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