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Business Insurance in Bellingham MA

What insurance do I need?

Our agents will help you determine what types of insurance are best for you. For instance, a trade contractor may only want to purchase general liability coverage to make sure he is protected for his clients, but if he has employees, he is also obligated by Massachusetts state law to carry workers compensation coverage. We will ask you the right questions.

Packaged insurance

Many policies can be packaged to include both property and liability coverage for one price. Workers compensation coverage, however, cannot be combined. Although, by law, you can opt out of coverage in Massachusetts, we regularly see businesses fined and we  witness business closures for lack of workers compensation coverage. It happens quite often.

You own a business — we'll help you protect it with business insurance.

Whether you own a large business or you're a sole proprietor, we have business insurance that will protect your assets and your hard work.

Call us today to find out more information

about business insurance.


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Coverage for the commercial property

We can help you obtain packaged insurance options for condo complexes, apartment buildings, office buildings, and retail stores at reasonable prices.


Proper coverage will satisfy your landlord, your mortgage company, and your peace of mind.

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